Commercial Auto Insurance/Trucking

commercial auto insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance/Trucking

If you own any vehicles that are used for your business and owned by your business, you need Commercial Auto Insurance! In the event that you and/or your employees drive any vehicles on the job- whether it be company vehicles to commute to work or vehicles used on the job- make sure you have the correct coverage in place in the event of a loss.

Why Commercial Auto Insurance and not Personal Car Insurance?

For you and/or any employees that are driving the vehicles for business use- if anyone gets into an accident, causes property damage, or has any other type of loss, it will NOT be covered under a personal auto policy. With a Commercial Auto policy- both you and your employees will be covered.

Coverages Available for Commercial Auto Insurance:

Coverages will be similar to a personal auto insurance policy- however you can create a customized policy and have higher limits specific to the levels of exposure to your business.

Factors to Consider

There are many factors that contribute to the rate when creating a personalized policy:

Based off the risks & exposures your business faces- you may also adjust the liability limits to have increased protection in the event of a loss.

Get Commercial Auto Insurance for your Business

As a business owner– there are endless tasks to manage on a daily basis. Worrying about employees driving company vehicles shouldn’t be on of them! Our team of commercial agents will handle any servicing needs- from policy changes, car changes, managing drivers, and always ensuring you have the most competitive rate.

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