Landlord Insurance

landlord insurance

Landlord Insurance

Get dependable property and liability coverage for all of your rental properties at Northeastern Insurance! You have invested time and money into purchasing a property, so make sure your investment is protected in any situation. It is essential for rental property owners to insure their property correctly in the event that there is any kind of property damage or anyone is to get injured. Landlord Insurance will also provide reimbursement for any income lost during the time of a covered loss. Owning multiple properties is a big responsibility, so you can trust Northeastern Insurance to protect it all!

Types of Properties
What does Landlord Insurance Cover?

With any type of rental property you may own, accidents happen from either natural causes or from your tenants.

A standard Homeowners Policy does not provide the same coverages as a Landlord policy- so it is very important to make sure you have the right coverages in place. In the event that your rental property is damaged in a storm or from a fire, someone is injured (tenant or guest), or any equipment is kept on the property (lawn mower, snowblower, etc.), it is important your rental property is insured correctly so any loss will be covered accordingly.

Coverages Available
Pro Tip-

Landlord Insurance does not protect your tenant’s belongings! Encourage your tenants to carry Renters Insurance to protect their belongings and valuable items in the event of a loss. Renters Insurance is very affordable- and Northeastern Insurance does also offer this coverage. We are here for you and your tenants’ insurance needs.

Short-Term Rental?

Depending on how long your tenants will occupy your rental, you may also want to consider Short-Term Rental Insurance! For example, if you are using Airbnb or only have a tenant staying temporarily, short-term rental insurance will still provide the necessary coverage for you and your tenant during their stay.

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