Jewelry Insurance

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Jewelry Insurance

Get Jewelry Insurance on your most important valuables today! Whether you’ve spent a lot of money on an expensive piece of jewelry or collectible items, or inherited items of high value- they are more than just an item. They hold a special value and are very important to you, so make sure you have the right coverage in place to protect it!  From engagement rings, wedding rings, necklaces, watches, and any other pieces of jewelry of high value, to antiques, silverware/china, coin collections & more- give yourself piece of mind knowing they will be covered if they are ever stolen, lost, or damaged.

Items to Insure-
Engagement Ring
Wedding Ring
Silverware & China
Coin Collections
& More!
Did You Know?

Even if you have a high limit for your personal property in your Homeowners Insurance- these types of jewelry and personal items still may not be covered! If the item’s value exceeds your personal property coverage limit, your Home policy may not provide enough coverage to fully replace your valuable item(s). It is important to have Jewelry Insurance in place so you can schedule out the value based off the appraisal and bring you back to whole.

Get Jewelry Insurance Today!

See how affordable it can be in comparison to the cost of having to repair/replace your valuable items out of pocket! Talk with an agent to see what coverages will sufficiently cover your valuable belongings.