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Get Contractor Insurance for your Business! For any type of handyman services, Northeastern Insurance has got you covered. Have peace of mind knowing you are protected from the risks you’re exposed to on a daily basis so you can focus on what matters most to you- your business.

Types of Contractor Insurance

Plumbing Insurance gives protection against a wide variety of risks routinely faced by plumbers and plumbing contractors. Adequate protection is essential since one small mistake or accident could result in damages that drain a small business’s finances beyond recovery. We can connect you with one of our trusted provider products and design a plumbing insurance policy specific to your business.

Electrical work, even when it’s done by experienced hands, comes with inherent risks and dangers. An error can result in property damage, injury and/or death, and this doesn’t even account for the property losses that a business can face. Electrician Insurance policies help protect electrical contractors and electricians working in New York from many of the potential perils they face.

As a paving company owner, you have put in uncountable hours and invested so heavily, so all of that work must be protected! You have worked hard over the years to establish a great reputation in the asphalt industry. It’s our job to work hard to design Insurance coverage that is affordable for your paving company. We can assist you with everything you may need, including Workers Compensation and General Liability.

As an excavation contractor, you face significant liability risks each time you begin to move earth. These can include risks associated with adequate soil compaction and meeting proper grades for water runoff, as well as first-party property damage exposures to your heavy equipment. You also face risks associated with equipment operator error; hitting underground utilities that can cause widespread damage; and worker injury from strains, falls from equipment, or being caught in or under heavy materials and equipment.

Landscapers and other various lawn care businesses are often exposed to risks that can lead to accidents and financial loss. Landscaping insurance can protect your business from the potentially devastating effects that can result from those risks. Multiple factors go into calculating your landscaping and lawn care insurance cost including your exposure and coverage needs. For example, a landscaping business that strictly does mowing and edging will pay a different premium than a landscaping business specializing in hardscapes.

Other Types of Business

For any type of business you may own, ensure you have the right coverages in place for all components of the company.

Get Contractor Insurance Today

So what’re you waiting for? Connect with one of our local agents for Contractors Insurance specific to your line of work. We will review your coverages, identify any gaps in coverage, and shop your rate through over 20+ nationally ranked carriers. Leave the rest to our commercial team to handle any certificates, audits, and more along the way so you can focus your time on your business.