Short-Term Rental/Airbnb Insurance

short term rental insurance

Short-Term Rental/Airbnb Insurance

If you rent your primary home or a secondary home on a short-term basis, either with Airbnb or another platform, make sure your home and guests are protected during their stay with Short-Term Rental Insurance!

What Does Short-Term Rental Insurance Cover?

A standard Home Insurance policy does not include the proper coverages to protect you, your home, and your guests if there is ever a loss on the property. When inviting guests into your home, the last thing anyone wants to worry about on a trip or vacation is what will happen if there is a plumbing disaster or someone gets injured during their stay. Accidents happen, so give yourself and your guests peace of mind knowing they can enjoy their stay without having to worry about the unknown. Get coverage for your property and any potential damages that could arise while guests are staying in your home.

Why Do I Need Short-Term Rental Insurance?

Anytime guests are coming to stay at your property- you leave yourself exposed to potential liability and property damage risks. It is important to have the right insurance policy in place if there is ever any kind of damage to your home or your belongings. Additionally, have coverage if anyone is injured on the property, or with any other loss that may occur while you have guests in your short-term rental.

Whether it’s renting a single room for a short-period of time or a full vacation home- talk to an agent to create the right Short-Term Rental Insurance policy for you and your rental property.

Additionally, depending on the duration of your guests stay- consider getting a Landlord policy.

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