Pet Coverage- Why It’s Important

pet insurance
pet insurance

Have Pet Coverage in place for when your animals need you most! Imagine adopting a dog from a local shelter and are told when signing paperwork that the dog’s very happy and never had any health issues. You confidently walk into their first vet’s appointment and to your horror, your new best friend has fleas and worms, wasn’t spayed and also has no vaccinations. Suddenly you’re averaging a bill of almost $600 for what you thought was a routine checkup.

Additionally, in the unfortunate event that your pet has a broken bone or swallows something they shouldn’t… veterinary bills can quickly add up to $1,000+! Here at Northeastern Insurance, we cover the cost of those wellness procedures and emergency procedures so you can give your pet the best treatment.

Whether you own a dog, cat, bird, or other animals, your pets are part of your family. Having pet coverage for them is one of the smartest things you can do to ensure your pet and wallet stay protected against the unexpected. Pet Insurance assists with offsetting larger medical costs due to unexpected illnesses. We don’t ever plan on being sick, and neither do our pets! Veterinarian costs can become expensive quickly- so prepare for any event that your pet might require care.

Like most pet insurers, we do not cover pre-existing conditions, which are defined as any illness or injury that your pet had before initial coverage.

For more information about Pet Insurance, connect with one of our local agents today!

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