Farm Owner Coverage- Be Prepared!

farm owner insurance
farm owner insurance

Farm Owner Insurance- Be Prepared!

As a farm owner, there are many different factors to consider when trying to find the right coverage. Especially as summer comes to an end, it’s important to take the time to make sure you have the proper coverage in place for your land and personal property. 

Farm Owner Insurance provides coverage for your home, personal property, silos, barns, machinery, additional buildings, and more with a customizable policy. Whether you have a farm for dairy, fruit/orchards, plants, horses, or livestock- Northeastern Insurance will review your needs and tailor the policy to meet those requirements. With Farm Owner Insurance, we also offer a variety of different coverages that can help protect if there are ever any injuries, or even national disasters, to bring you back to whole.

Inland Marine Insurance is also a great option for those who acquire expensive farming tools and equipment. This insurance covers property, as well as:

Trust Northeastern Insurance with any of your Farm Owner Insurance needs. We make it easy and simple, so you have more time to focus on what matters most to you.

Call us at 518-346-2886 or request a quote below to speak with a licensed agent about which coverage option is best for you!

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