Flood Season Has Started-Get Coverage!

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Flood Season Has Started- Get Coverage!

With the start of flood season on June 1st, it’s important now more than ever to think about Flood Insurance! One of the most common natural disasters is floods, so regardless if you live near a body of water or not, make sure your home and valuable items will be covered. 

Fact: Between 1996-2019, 99% of counties in the United States have been impacted by flooding.

Floods can happen anytime, anywhere and the smallest amount of water can lead to thousands of dollars in damage. Additionally, a standard home insurance policy typically will not cover damage due to flooding, so it’s important to have the right coverage in place in order to bring you back to whole. 

A flood is defined as an “overflow of water on a normally dry area”, which are usually caused by heavy rainfall or bodies of water. Additionally, floods are an exclusion from Homeowners policies, hence the requirement for a separate policy to ensure coverage.

Flood insurance policies may cover and protect numerous damages depending on the type of policy, such as: 

* Please note: Not all flood policies cover every item in the above list. Specific endorsements may be required to receive additional coverage. 

Flood insurance comes with many benefits that can protect you and your belongings in the event of an emergency. Flood insurance policies can cover many damages that standard homeowner’s insurance won’t cover, as well as being backed by the federal government. Each rate is tailored to the specific location, depending on where you live and the risk of floods near the home.

Additionally, the last thing you want to worry about in the event of a loss is how to pay to fix/replenish your valuable belongings. With Flood Insurance, you will just be responsible for paying your deductible, and the policy will pay for the rest. Protect your home and your wallet from expensive repairs!

Flooding can occur any time of year from rain, snow, rivers, and other bodies of water- so there’s no better time than now to lock in coverage! Especially living in the Northeast, we certainly can experience any type of weather, at any point during the year. Additionally, once a policy is started it usually takes approximately 30 days to begin. The sooner the policy goes into effect, the sooner you can have peace of mind knowing you, your home, and your belongings will be protected in the event of a loss.

Talk to one of our local agents to start a policy today! We will review your coverage options based on the level of risk, and customize a plan that will ensure you are adequately covered.

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