Volunteer Week- Veteran’s Miracle Center

veterans miracle center albany
veterans miracle center albany

Volunteer Week- Day 1

Veteran's Miracle Center

Northeastern Insurance is excited to announce that as the company approaches its 10 Year Anniversary and $30 Million milestone in total business, we have initiated our first Annual Volunteer Week! Every day for a full week in June, the agency dedicated one day to a different charity and/or local organization to volunteer their services and give back to the Capital Region. Northeastern Insurance’s Volunteer Week was held June 19-June 23. Our team was able to assist 5 different charities for a variety of causes. To kick off Volunteer Week, four of our Northeastern Insurance agents went to volunteer at the local Veteran’s Miracle Center on Monday, June 19. Pictured above (from left to right) is Courtney Lussier, Connor Lind, Courtney Sprague, and Danielle Ramirez.

Veteran’s Miracle Center, also affiliated with Jezreel International, are both non-profit organizations located in the Capital Region, right here in Albany. Both organizations donate unused goods and necessities to Veterans, as well as those in need in over 40 developing countries around the world.

To kick off Volunteer Week, our team was put right to work! Our team was given a tour of the warehouse, where different categories of miscellaneous items were sorted and packed in boxes. They folded a variety of clothes – all brand new with tags – ranging from children to adults’ clothes. The items included primarily shirts of different sizes and colors. Our team then packed the clothes into boxes where they’d be shipped to different countries where it’s needed most.

Our team truly had a great time volunteering, and felt they were making a change. “It was a very fulfilling experience volunteering my time knowing it will help others tremendously”, said Courtney Sprague. Others had a great time volunteering, with the lead worker, Dorina, that represented the organization. “Giving back to our community with Dorina was a great experience”, said Connor Lind.

To learn more about Veteran’s Miracle Center and how to support their efforts, visit their website at https://www.vmcalbany.org/.

Stay tuned to see the other organizations we volunteered at for the rest of the week. Day 2 Coming Soon!

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