Short Term Rental Insurance- Coverage for You and Your Guests!

short term rental insurance homeowner
short term rental insurance homeowner
airbnb insurance

Short Term Rental Insurance

Coverage for You and Your Guests

Have you ever thought of renting out your home for guests to enjoy and stay at? With the rise of renting services such as Airbnb and Vrbo, many people choose to rent out someone’s home to vacation at, rather than staying at a traditional hotel. If you are renting out your home, you should consider obtaining a Short Term Rental Insurance Policy to protect your property, belongings, and guests.

What is Short Term Rental Insurance?

If you decide to use your home as a place for guests to stay and rent, you should have Short Term Rental Insurance in place. This type of coverage protects your property as well as other possible liabilities that may occur during a renter’s stay.

Short Term Rental Insurance can be added as an endorsement to your already existing Home Insurance, or can be sold as an individual, separate policy. Give yourself peace of mind knowing you will have the right coverage in place while you aren’t staying in your home. 

Types of Coverages Available

This type of insurance includes different kinds of coverage based on the level of protection you’re looking for. These coverages help protect the owner of the property in a variety of ways, depending on the situation.

Every short term rental insurance policy includes this coverage. This coverage helps protect you if a guest gets injured, or tries to sue you if there are damages caused by an accident.

This coverage is used to help cover the costs in the case that a guest damages your property or personal belongings.

In the case of a burglary, or any guests steal your personal belongings, this coverage helps compensate anything stolen.

*Some exclusions may apply

Occasions for Short Term Rentals

Whether you have guests staying in your home for a day or several weeks, consider getting coverage for the following scenarios:

Factors to Consider

Short Term Rental Insurance is typically very affordable. Here are some factors that may be considered when reviewing your rate:

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If you are interested in getting a Short Term Rental Insurance policy, you’ve come to the right place! Call us at 518-346-2886, or visit our agency at 1214 Troy Schenectady Rd, Latham, New York, to connect with a local agent today!

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short term rental insurance
short term rental insurance

Short-Term Rental/Airbnb Insurance

If you rent your primary home or a secondary home on a short-term basis, either with Airbnb or another platform, make sure your home and guests are protected during their stay with Short-Term Rental Insurance!

What Does Short-Term Rental Insurance Cover?

A standard Home Insurance policy does not include the proper coverages to protect you, your home, and your guests if there is ever a loss on the property. When inviting guests into your home, the last thing anyone wants to worry about on a trip or vacation is what will happen if there is a plumbing disaster or someone gets injured during their stay. Accidents happen, so give yourself and your guests peace of mind knowing they can enjoy their stay without having to worry about the unknown. Get coverage for your property and any potential damages that could arise while guests are staying in your home.

Why Do I Need Short-Term Rental Insurance?

Anytime guests are coming to stay at your property- you leave yourself exposed to potential liability and property damage risks. It is important to have the right insurance policy in place if there is ever any kind of damage to your home or your belongings. Additionally, have coverage if anyone is injured on the property, or with any other loss that may occur while you have guests in your short-term rental.

Whether it’s renting a single room for a short-period of time or a full vacation home- talk to an agent to create the right Short-Term Rental Insurance policy for you and your rental property.

Additionally, depending on the duration of your guests stay- consider getting a Landlord policy.

Learn More and Get a Quote

Talk with a local agent today to discuss what kind of coverage is best suited for your property.

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