Happy Valentine’s Day!

valentines day 2024 northeastern insurance
valentines day 2024 northeastern insurance

Happy Valentine's Day!

With Valentine’s Day approaching, it’s important to start thinking about insurance in your love lives – whether you’re getting engaged, moving in, or buying a home together and sharing vehicles! Here at Northeastern Insurance, we offer different insurance policies, such as Jewelry, Renters, Homeowners and Auto Insurance – all designed to protect you, your belongings, and your loved ones during this Valentine season.

Valentine's Day Coverages
Jewelry Insurance-

If you receive a special piece of jewelry this Valentine’s Day, such as an engagement ring, it’s important to make sure it is properly insured and protected. Homeowners Insurance can include jewelry in the policy, but the standard coverage may not be enough to cover costs in the event of any type of loss, including theft and damages. In this case, you can add an endorsement to your Homeowners Policy if the coverages and deductibles are a good fit and help protect the full value of the jewelry. With a Jewelry Insurance policy, you can get your jewelry appraised so that we can see which coverages are best to adequately protect your jewelry depending on the value.

Renters Insurance-

During this season of love, you may be thinking of taking the next step and moving in together! If you and your loved one are thinking of renting an apartment/house, we offer Renters Insurance to insure both your personal belongings in your new living space. Renters Insurance is extremely important in the event of theft, damages, and injuries. Many landlords also require tenants to carry Renters Insurance specifically for any of the listed scenarios. Even though you and your partner are living under the same roof, it is recommended that you each carry your own policy to ensure both of your belongings can be replaced in the event of a covered loss. Everyone should feel safe and protected wherever they are living, so give yourself peace of mind you and your partner will be brought back to whole.

Homeowners Insurance

If you’re ready to take the next step with your loved one this Valentine’s Day, you may look into buying a house together. With that next step, you will definitely want to make sure you have Homeowners Insurance to protect your property, personal belongings, and ensure your home is safe. If you and your loved one decide to get married, you will both be merging your personal belongings together, into one household. Our agents at Northeastern Insurance can find you the best coverage to protect everyones valuables as you start your new life together.

Auto Insurance

As you consolidate your insurance policies, it’s important to think about auto insurance during this special time. If you and your loved one are living together, you should consider obtaining one Auto Insurance Policy, and list each other as official drivers for every car that you may own. This way, you can qualify for a multi-car discount, and ensure you are both protected when driving all vehicles in your household. Also, once you are married you are required in New York State to be listed on the policy regardless. By having combined Auto Insurance, you can decide which coverages and deductibles are the best fit for all household drivers as well. If you are owning a home/renting, you can bundle your Auto Insurance Policy with Homeowners/Renters Insurance Policy to get a discount and save even more!

Valentine's Day - Date Night Spots
Local Restaurants

After you’ve got all the right coverages in place, celebrate with Date Night! Here in the Capital Region, there are a variety of restaurants to get dinner on Valentine’s Day with your loved one:

Get a Quote

Make sure you and your loved one have the right coverages in place this Valentine’s Day! If you’re interested in getting a quote for any of the above insurance policies, get connected with a local agent today. Call us at 518-346-2886, visit us at 1214 Troy Schenectady Rd in Latham, NY, or submit an online quote below. 

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!
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